Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Go out and network and leave your computer behind

Sitting in front of your laptop may be the most comfortable spot for most hackers. You can code away, goof off on some random website or play a game of Minecraft. It fun and satisfying.

I'm guilty. I'm doing it right now by blogging, but I deserve it. I was out talking with people earlier today - hackers, founders, business people, owners, etc. It may just be my personality, but I really enjoy talking with people just as much as I like staring at Ruby (the code and not a person with that name - "ba dum, chhhhh!").

Being able to walk into a room where hackers and founders congregate and start talking with them is tough - especially if you're by yourself. We're all self-conscious to some degree. But here's the kicker, people want to talk with you - that's why they went to a networking event. If you come in and eavesdrop into a conversation, most people at these events don't mind if you join their circle so that you can add your two cents. If they don't want you to be apart it, then it's their loss.

Here's my suggestion, go sign up with StartupDigest and get on one of their mailing lists. Find an event once per month in an area close to you (sorry for those that are outside of SD's event lists). Plug the date into your iPhone and go for it. They usually have a good speaker (who has been successful in the Valley) and most events offer free food and drinks - this is really good for those on the Ramen diet.

I was really aggressive at attending many of these events over the past few months. Eventually, if you go to enough, you'll start seeing the same people, so it won't be too hard to get into a conversation circle. Go out and network and leave your computer behind.

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