Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is 5 groups enough for YCReject?

The ideas and support for this project has been tremendous. One suggestion has stuck out and it made me reconsider the structure especially in terms of group size.

I originally envisioned this as a five team group that would consist of 10-15 individuals. That would allow us to work in a small setting, work out our logistic bugs and get to know each other. However, would we be able to get the attention of Valley CEO's and Angels given our small group?

One person on HN suggested 30ish groups - I think that too many in the run around. Maybe the magic number is between 7-10 groups. That would give us more a small college classroom environment and we'd all still be bought into the idea.

Let me know what your thoughts are.



  1. I think that considering that there isn't real mentorship, but are the startup who gives support each other, I think that 5 can be too less. 10 can be a good number. Not too much, but enough to bring different experiences on the table.
    IMHO ;)

  2. This is an interesting concept and one I'm fond of considering I organized a "YC Rejects" dinner last year.

    I'd go for a range of 20-30 people. If your group is too small, then there won't be enough talent/specialization for people to help one another. If you have 50 awesome people, I'd organize all 50 but break them into group A and group B (while having some events where all can meet one another and sort into groups that make the most sense).

  3. Real mentorship isn't out of the question and many people have volunteered to speak with us.