Monday, April 25, 2011

YCR Chronicles: The Story of Zopim

Earlier this morning I received an email form Julian of Zopim. They have an awesome award winning Live Chat solution that tens of thousands of online businesses use - you've probably seen them on many of the websites you frequent. Some of their customers include Microsoft, D&B (not the arcade one but the credit one), SingTel, VPS Net and YC Reject (huh? wha? dat's right!) They also won a few awards including being named a Global Red Herring Finalist and one of Asia's Top 10 Apps.

What I didn't know before the email was that they were a YC Reject. In fact, Julian said that they were a YC Interview Reject.

Despite not being able to join YC, they didn't sit on their butt and sulk. Rather, they took it upon themselves to work with their customers and solve their needs which in turn gave them the upper hand over their competition.

The above scenario illustrates Julian and his team's determination to go on without the help of YC. I'm starting to realize that those that take rejection, but do something positive in its wake are few and far between. The Zopim team validated that YC's selection process is not perfect and many great teams fall through the cracks.

After this week, there will be 1,500+ teams that YC rejected for this Summer. Take a lesson from the Zopim team - talk with your customers, find out their needs and execute on the plan. At the end of the day, being rejected by YC may have been the best thing to happen for team Zopim.

I'm going to grab coffee with them soon, and hopefully they'll pay since they're kicking butt.


  1. We would gladly buy you coffee anyday! :)

  2. Just wanna point out that we love and respect our friends from yc, including pg, and other competing companies. There's no hard feelings at all. It's just a matter of persevering at what we're passionate about.