Friday, May 27, 2011

YCR's Founder Speed Dating Events at pariSoma

Many of you have asked YCR to help find you a co-founder whether that be a technical ninja or a business guru. At first, we pointed you to another website to help you find your soul mate, but then we realized that wasn't right. So we took a step back and brainstormed how we can help the community.

We figured we might as well put on an event and see what happens. So mark your calendars for the following days for our inaugural YCR Founder Speed Dating!
Tuesday, June 7, 6 pm: pariSoma, San Francisco

What's speed dating?
Kind of like this video (NSFW) this but we're matching business folks and ninja hackers and we're not necessarily playing Cupid (but we're not opposed to what may happen).

What's the process to be apart of the speed dating?
  1. Decide if you want to go to the Mountain View or San Francisco event.
  2. Get a free ticket at Eventbrite (SF Ticket)
  3. If you want to participate in the speed dating please fill out a dating form (REGISTER for SF)
I still don't understand the process?

How do I REGISTER to date?

San Francisco pariSoma Speed Dating form

What will happen at your event?
Once we get your intent (by you filling out the form) to be a part of the speed dating event, we'll put you in groups of about 20 people (10 hackers and 10 business people). You'll have 5 minutes with each person, then we'll ring a bell and you rotate. Make sure you bring your business cards so that you can exchange info quickly.

How many can participate?
We're limiting this event to the first 40 people that sign up - so 2 groups of 20 people. So sign up now!

What's the address?
Tuesday, June 7, 6 pm: pariSoma, San Francisco, 169 11th St., San Francisco, CA

Do I need to be a single founder to be part this awesome event?
No. Maybe you already have two people in your group and you're looking for a third co-founder. So send at least one member from your company and make sure you properly fill out the form to indicate what type of co-founder you are looking for.

How much this incredible service cost?

Will you feed me and quench my thirst?
Food and drinks will be provided free of charge to the dating participants

Do I have to speed date to hang out at this event?
No. Come by and check it out and maybe you'll participate the next time we do this. You'll still need a "Just Hanging Out" ticket in order to get in.

What's the catch?
You have to follow us @ycreject and say hi to somebody from the YCR team before you leave.


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